MCM provides a comprehensive consultancy service for areas including:

  • Resourcing & Logistics.
  • Feasibility Studies (Civilian and Military).
  • Space Planning.
  • Tender Processes.
  • Project Management.
  • Health & Safety.


At MCM we can locate and supply many things. Previous projects have included:

  • Specialist Amphibious Vehicles for the Construction Industry.
  • Natural Gas Turbo Generator Power Plant for South America.
  • Anti-Mine Protection Kits for Vehicles in areas of conflict.

Research and Feasibility Studies
(Civilian and Military)

Previous projects include:

  • Defence Reviews for Foreign Governments.
  • Oil Pipeline Protection.
  • Hotels on the Atlantic North Coast of Brazil.
  • Setting up Rotational Moulding Plants in Nigeria and the Middle East.
  • Agricultural Projects in South East Asia.
  • Combined Poultry Farming and Processing Plant projects in the Middle East.

Space Planning

Finding room from those wasted spaces and redundant areas (schools a speciality).

Tender Process

When outsourcing becomes necessity and the need to find the correct supplier.

Project Management

Show us the project.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety / Fire Safety Audits undertaken.